our new studio is
virtually complete.

After a year of working on our new space we decided it was time to freshen up our website to accurately reflect the evolution of the studio. In 2014 we grew from a 1,500 square foot to 3,700 square foot studio which has allowed us to be much more efficient in all aspects of what we do. We have expanded workshop and open studio areas, a dedicated commercial printing room, 90ft of gallery wall space – even a shop full of printing supplies along with screenprint art. And of course a nifty lounge area complete with a kitchen and a garage door that opens to a 30 foot x12 foot outdoor deck – perfect for hosting events and parties.

Holiday ManCraft is back and supercharged for 2015!

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Here's pics and posts of all sorts of things. From new work we've printed for ourselves or others, recent workshops, events, more or less what makes up the culture of Ink Lounge...

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